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About us


"Every day we strive to improve our work to be a benchmark in the international nautical industry"

Our team offers professional, effective and comprehensive services, tailored to our clients for yachts. We like seriousness, transparency and professionalism. Our human team has extensive experience in the nautical industry, it remains in continuous technical training, dominating many areas of our business activity.

YST Team

  • César Moyano
    +34 629 539 596
    César Moyano
    Managing Partner - Master 500 GT

    Founder and director creates YST to provide an exclusive and professional service in the nautical sector. With more than 20 years in the nautical industry, he has experience in yacht navigation, maintenance, repairs and installations, refit, commercial management and national and international representation of different brands and shipyards and business management acquired after working in different companies and representing different internationally known shipyards.

  • Lluís Balsells
    +34 662 641 833
    Lluís Balsells
    Naval Engineer - Stabilization and propulsion systems

    Head of YST Naval Engineering Department. Naval plants and systems engineer. Graduated in Naval Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and specialized in stabilization and propulsion systems for boats and ships. Responsible for the commercial and technical management of Man, Kohler, Aventics, Seakeeper, CMC Marine, approvals, appraisals, certifications and complete works of naval engineering.

  • David Anglada
    +34 638 956 954
    David Anglada
    aval Engineer - Ferretti Group After Sales

    Engineer in Naval Structures, naval architect and yacht designer. Associate member of RINA (Royal Institute of Naval Architects). MSc in Yacht Design at the Polytechnic of Milan. MSc in Ship Structures and Offshore Platforms at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow). Responsible for the post-sale of the Ferretti Group vessels in Spain, support in naval engineering, responsible for Topsystem, Xenta, Boning, Onyx Marine, Naviop, H+B Technics, Amare Group, Canalicchio.

  • Luisa López
    +34 93 833 91 42
    Luisa López
    Accounting Assistant - Administrative

    With extensive experience in sailing, with more than 30 years working in different companies, from the sale of boats, documentation, mooring management and administrative tasks. Responsible for accounting administration, receipt and delivery of invoices, occupational hazards, documentation with dry docks and shipyards, company insurance.

  • Nacho Gutiérrez
    Nacho Gutiérrez
    Operations Manager - Occupational Risks

    Responsible for the Vilanova workshops and their human team. Responsible for organizing the work carried out by the Vilanova team in the different dry docks or marinas, supply of materials, compliance with regulations, use of PPE and coordination of Occupational Hazards in the company. Purchase of materials, suppliers and supplies.

  • David Muñoz
    David Muñoz
    Naval Mechanic - Mechanical Manager

    With extensive experience in the naval mechanics sector after working in several renowned companies in the sector, he is responsible for specialized mechanics in MAN, Kohler, Tosystem, Arneson engines and in the support of the Aventics, Xenta and Boning teams. General maintenance and repairs on engines and propulsion systems, shafts, packings, propellers, exhaust systems, refrigeration and dynamic stabilization systems CMC Marine

  • Benjamín Batalla
    +34 93 833 91 42
    Benjamín Batalla
    Naval Technician - Mechanics and systems

    With extensive experience in construction and naval installations, technician with great versatility and experience in boat and ship maintenance. Specialist in Seakeeper and CMC Marine stabilization systems in installations and maintenance. Topsystem and Arneson propulsion systems, shafts, Microtem, Fluiten, Tides Marine packings. Movement of equipment in confined spaces, motors, generators, stabilizers, bottom taps, exhaust lines and hydraulic systems.

  • Joel Galimany
    +34 93 833 91 42
    Joel Galimany
    Naval technician - Mechanics and hydraulics

    With specific training in boat systems, which gives him great versatility, he is a technician in Seakeeper and CMC Marine stabilization systems for installation and maintenance. He supported mechanics and hydraulics from Topsystem, Arneson, H + B Technics, Amare, Canalichhio and steering systems, flaps, garages, platforms and gangways. Mechanical assistant at MAN and Kohler and systems.

  • Enrique Mira
    Enrique Mira
    Official Merchant Marine 3000Kw - Officer 1600 GT

    Multi-skilled mechanic with training in ships, working together with the mechanics and installations team, on MAN engines, Kohler generators, general mechanics, Topsystem propulsion equipment, Arneson, axle systems, packings, rudders, exhausts, maneuvering propellers, stabilization systems dynamic, gyroscopic, hydraulic. Experience in navigation on yachts and ships, navigation tests and systems.

  • David Pertiñez
    David Pertiñez
    Naval Technician - Occupational Risk Manager

    Nautical technician with more than 20 years of experience in the nautical industry, he is responsible for the organization of the work carried out by the Barcelona team in the different dry docks or marinas, organization of documentation, supplies, subcontractors and company personnel. Supply of materials, supplier management, compliance with regulations, use of PPE and coordination of Occupational Risks in the company in its different projects and activities. Works as a technician and quality control of the works.

  • Marcel Morell
    +34 93 833 91 42
    Marcel Morell
    Technician - Mechanics

    Working in the different installations of naval equipment and systems, mechanical and electronic systems technician, he has experience in Seakeeper, CMC Marine and Waveless, in their installations and maintenance. Propulsion systems such as Topsystem, Arneson, shafts, Microtem gaskets, Kohler generators, MAN engines, bottom valves, exhaust lines and in Xenta, Naviop and Aventics systems.

  • David García
    +34 93 833 91 42
    David García
    Painting Technician

    Paint technician with 15 years of experience in sailing. Experience in blasting hulls with different abrasives, specific primers, antifouling with the application of airless paint and paint and varnishes in general, works with gelcoat, buffing and polishing of decks, treatments on teak decks, caulking, joints. Experience in working with metallic paints with different finishes with AwlGrip, AwlCraft, PPG, and different finishes. Work on parts and repairs.

  • Carlos Vicente
    +34 93 833 91 42
    Carlos Vicente
    Nautical Technician - General Maintenance

    Boat technician with more than 15 years of experience in sailing as a crew member in the Mediterranean, expert in general maintenance of boats and ships, on decks, polishing, polishing and teak work, interiors, bilges cleaning and painting, engine room cleaning and painted, paint work, antifouling and technical assistant. Checking of vessels before delivery and fault diagnosis.

  • Maureen O'Callghan
    Maureen O'Callghan
    Advertising and promotion - Marketing - RRSS

    In charge of advertising, promotion, web and social networks of the company to publicize our services and work.

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