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Fin Stabilizers "Stabilis Electra"

HS System

The HS System is an evolution of the SE Stabilis Electra System, optimised for planing yachts that can reach over 24 knots. The HS system has some notable improvements compared to the previous model, including: greater optimisation of the fin profile for better performance and a reduction of the resistance; updated electronics for even faster and more controlled performance in addition to the ability to control integrated systems (for example, steering or intruder) together with the fins.

Fin Stabilizers

LR System

The LR System has been optimised for displacement or semi-displacement yachts. This new product has several notable benefits such as: compact actuators with the same power of the equivalent SE system; better performance; a fin geometry specifically designed for displacement yachts; the possibility to install fins of up to 5 square meters and new electronics with the ability to integrate the controls for up to 8 different systems. The LR range uses a highly accurate inertial detector that detects the Roll, Pitch and Yaw of the yacht which in turn provides the input to the system to provide a very high level of platform stability.


Dualis Electra Series


Dualis Electra is the electrical Thruster developed by CMC Marine, the answer to a market which is increasingly demanding for electric thrusters with a high thrust/power ratio, and the maximum compactness. It uses a new generation of electrical motors that, coupled with the up-to-date CMC Marine pod, offers all the advantages of the electrical thrusters, while volume and weight of the entire system are dramatically reduced.


A Variable Frequency driver (VFD) controls the electrical motor power absorption; moreover, it is shielded IP64 in order to guarantee the maximum safety and protection. Also the switchboard is shielded IP64, and it allows the user to modulate the propellers rotation both in speed and direction; moreover, the switchboard manages the control panels as well as the system alarms. The joystick on the control panel allows the progressive thrust increase or reduction. The control panel is very compact, and it is available also in a version with a bow and stern thruster double joystick control.


CMC Marine offers Thruster Tunnels made of reinforced GRP, aluminium alloy or steel, the customer can also choose between several standard diameters and lengths.


Dualis Thruster Hydro


CMC’s Dualis Hydro bow thrusters all feature dual counter-rotating propellers and are suitable for a wide range of uses with available power from 18 to 130 kW. They can be fitted to vessels with steel, aluminum or composite hulls starting from about 18-20 metres.

Steering systems

Steering systems



Directa has already been installed on more than 100 yachts and it is available in four different sizes: Directa 80, 100, 120 and 140. CMC Marine’s steering system is suitable for installations on yachts from 25 to 80 meters. Directa needs 230V AC 1PH power supply for inverters in normal operation and 24V DC for the emergency motor (available for Directa 100, Directa 120 and Directa 140) and can control the rudders independently.


R&D Department is the lifeblood of the company, where innovation and continuous research are the central points of CMC Marine’s philosophy. Brilliant people, whose ideas are always a step forward, compose the R&D Department team: all its members come from the most eminent Universities of Italy. A continuous melting pot of new ideas, projects, technical developments are the core activity of our team, always pursuing CMC Marine’s main purpose: reinventing the innovation.

Dia-log Software

The patented electric control system.

DIA-LOG is a very flexible electronic control system that enables the customer to take all the advantages of the Stabilis Electra stabilizers system.

The user has the complete control of the Stabilis Electra system through the touch screen interface (and the backup control panel) located in wheelhouse.



Integrated Ride Control

MC Marine Argo™ advanced control system can control up to 8 independent surfaces, integrating fin and rudder control for improved yacht stability. Thanks to ARGO™ it is possible to control roll, pitch and yaw together, improving seakeeping, especially with following seas. The new Argo™ Integrated Ride Control System is the latest result of CMC Marine’s constant research for the next innovation and our R&D capability. Argo™ is the world’s first system to integrate stabilizers, trim and rudder control, improving the yacht’s total stability and efficiency.

With Argo™, CMC Marine created a system that can deliver maximum comfort on-board, better course stability and steering control, maintaining the yacht stable during navigation and manoeuvring. Thanks to Argo™ displacement boats can finally get rid of the constant course correction problem, especially with following seas. Better course keeping and control also improves the yacht’s fuel efficiency and reduces the stresses on the fins and rudders, thus extending the components lifetime.


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