Naval services and maintenance

Naval services and maintenance

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In YST we are a human-being team with large years of experience in different areas in the naval sector. We offer fast and quality solutions in:


This coating is formulated specifically to deter settlement of marine organism that proliferate in the sea and which can add substantially to the weight of the structures. They increase the hydrodynamic force and hence impose serious increments to fuel costs and propeller damages.


Is the most common coating for the construction and reparation of fiber glass (GPR) hulls and superstructures. This product generates an opaque layer in the surface to avoid visible fiber glass patterns. Moreover, it offers high UV and marine water resistance.

Shaft Line

In the naval industry the correct alignment of the shaft line is one of the most important phases during the design process. The isolation between the hull and the water must be precise, hence it requires from a continuous maintenance of the shaft seals who work as a hydraulic barrier to avoid any kind of water infiltration.

Cooling systems

They work through a liquid coolant circulation which absorbs heat. The A/C marine system uses the same principle of evaporation and condensation of a coolant. It works as a close loop of low and high pressure through a compressor. It is important to check the system regularly to avoid critical problems on the compressors.


They are applied to components as a protective measure and also to render them visually attractive. In the metals it is used a common type of “galvanic-action” paint which contains a high loading of zinc particles or flakes dispersed in a binder. For the beneficial galvanic action, there must be electrical continuity with the substrate; hence they are used as primer coats with or without a top (barrier) coating.

Mechanical and Hydraulic systems

Boats are composed by a high amount of hydraulic/mechanical movement mechanisms. The steering system, for instance, must be checked periodically as it is highly important to ensure that no oil leakage appears. We possess highly experienced technicians in these systems to give an effective solution to any problem that could come out.

Bow/Stern thrusters

They are used as a transversal propulsion for the boat and manoeuvre in a more efficient and comfortable way. During the mooring operation in the marina, they suffer from wear and hence, a periodically control should be completed.

Metals and Welds

Within our team, we dispose of various structural engineers and technicians highly experienced to accomplish welding and steel/aluminium structural projects like in the installation of the Seakeepers.


GPR is greatly used in the construction of the hulls and superstructures of many boats under 50 m. The combination of the fiber and the resin makes a perfect material for marine use applications as possess low density and high UV and sea water resistance. One of the main features is its simple reparation process, hence any damage that the structure could receive, can be low-cost corrected.

Exterior wood

the maintenance of the deck teak is a job that if it is done correctly, it will not require of an expensive cost of overhauling. However, if it is not done regularly, it can cause a high reparation cost. Besides, because of the weather conditions, the teak suffers from natural wear and tear and turns in a silvery grey colour. Nonetheless, this problem can be reduced if an intense care and a professional work is done.

Interior Wood

In the interior the wood can be made out of different types and finishes (varnish saturating oil). Depending on that last layer, it needs a different treatment; ea. saturating oils has an easier and more comfortable reparation than varnishes.

Electronics and Communication Systems

Because of the technological progress, many boats offer services in boat automation, communication and navigation electronic systems. These allow us to have control of many aspects onboard; for instance, tank levels, any mechanical/hydraulic anomaly, lights control or easier navigation control (because of new joysticks and remote-control commands for yacht mooring – Yacht Controller). In YST we have an electrician team highly qualified to give solutions to this kind of electronical issues.

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