Naval services and maintenance

Naval services and maintenance

Barcelona - Passeig Joan de Borbo nº 86

Yacht Service Team headquarters with naval engineering offices and general work management. Ferretti Group aftersales and service for Spain. Training and video conference room. Service and suport of Seakeeper - CMC Marine - Waveless - Amare Group - Xenta - Topsystem - MAN - Kohler - Flir - Mastervolt - Condaria - Onix - Naviop - Aventics.

Vilanova - Workshop

Workshop and technical - sales office of the different brands that we distribute - Seakeeper - CMC Marine - Aventics - Xenta - Mastervolt - Flir - Condaria - Besenzoni - Dometic

YST - Yacht Service Team has a professional team with years of experience  in different areas of the nautical industry. We offer fast ands quality solutions in the following specialties.

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Hull work - Stripping - Treatments - Primer - Antifouling paint

At YST - Yacht Service Team we have personnel with extensive knowledge in the different jobs that packaging and ships built in fiberglass, wood, steel and aluminum need. From chemical pickling of old antifouling, to mechanical pickling or blasting of different materials available on the market. All this work is carried out in compliance with the strict regulations for the prevention of occupational and environmental risks. Preventive corrosion treatments for iron or steel hulls, aluminum, puttying and subsequent application of primer. Osmosis and preventive osmosis treatments for fiberglass hulls. Protective treatments for wooden hulls and others. Antifouling paint application, we work closely with the BSN Yachts company obtaining quality products from the Azko Nobel, International brand for primers and antifouling paints, from hard matrices such as Unipro to more specific paints such as Micron Extra, Ultra, Trilux and a long etc. . The applications are endorsed by technical representatives from International and we can issue application reports, layer thicknesses and job finishes, antifouling application certificates for ships and ships with foreign destinations. For application in metals, we offer the application of silicone of the PropSpeed ​​brand, obtaining excellent results for years in most boats. Propellers with cavitation problems, hypercavitants or galvanic problems, it should be assessed that the duration will not be as desired.


Lamination - Composites - Carbon

The YST - Yacht Service Team has personnel specialized in the lamination of fiberglass and different materials, for construction, reinforcement, repairs with traditional and vacuum systems. We repair blows, damages, weaknesses in the structures, reinforcements for new generators, motors, stabilizers, etc. Manufacture of custom parts in fiber and carbon, awnings, struts, supports. Preparation of side flaps for boats with apopant seat problems in navigation.

Naval carpentry - Joinery

The YST - Yacht Service Team has collaborators with great experience in carpentry work. From repair and construction of parts for hulls, decks and structural elements, to teak decks, renovation and maintenance work, caulking, furniture construction, interiors and finishes of all types of woods.

Paint - Metallic paint - Varnishes - Lacquers - Finishes - Polished

YST - Yacht Service Team has a team specialized in boat painting jobs. We work with any paint, from Awl Grip, Awl Craft to metallic paints of different brands such as Standox, PPG and we can make different paints tailored to the customer's color. The work is carried out outdoors using a protection tent for contamination and to carry out the work in controlled atmospheres for large vessels and within the hangars of the Barcelona Nautic Center for smaller vessels, always having a protection tent and air filters. We have experience in painting Ferretti Group boats such as Riva, Pershing that come from the shipyard with high quality finishes. For varnishes we work with different brands, we offer exterior, interior, lacquered varnishes and different types of finishes. The polishing and polishing of surfaces, gelcoat, paint, varnishes are carried out with 3M products where our team has had continuous training for years, with more than excellent results. Consult our painting team for work on your boat, detailed estimates of the work you want to do.



Maneuvering Propellers - Bow and stern thrusters

From YST - Yacht Service Team we offer the maintenance and installation of bow and stern maneuvering thrusters, electric or hydraulic side thrusters. We work as a technical service and point of sale for the Italian equipment built by CMC Marine, high quality propellants for boats and ships. We work with brands for boats such as ABT, Side Power, Vetus, Max Power, Quick to offer you installations or maintenance.

Consult our technicians which model is recommended for your boat and which maintenance is recommended to do periodically.


Shaft lines - P brakets - Shat seals - Bearings - Seals - Seacocks

YST - Yacht Service Team we have a mechanical team with experience in the shipbuilding of boats and ships in the past. The work of releasing the shaft, moving the shaft for inspections, for changing seals, we work extremely with the Italian brand Microtem, changing the P brakets bearings, hull output, etc. are a type of work that we feel comfortable with. We can take the shafts and propellers to repair, calibrate if necessary. Our technicians will evaluate if the alignment of the motors and shafts is correct, if it is not, we can do the alignment work to avoid premature wear of the different components as well as vibrations during navigation. Changes of seacocks, valves, intake grids, change of gaskets, cleaning and disassembly for inspections. Rudder services, change of seals in sailing and motor boats. We have custom tools, different tools of extraordinary sizes, manual and hydraulic extractors to make these services easier and faster.

Our technical team can assess what type of maintenance your boat needs in the propulsion line.

Surface propellers - Jet propulsion

The YST team - Yacht Service Team after working for more than 15 years as an official service of the Italian shipyard of Pershing, whose special characteristic is to build boats that reach 40 knots of cruising and some models exceed 50 knots of maximum speed , with some of the lowest fuel mileage / liter performance on the boat market due to the high efficiency of the surface propellers. Our team was an authorized Arneson technical service and we continue to offer full service of maintenance and spare parts, annual and periodic maintenance, change of hoses, oil, filters, seals, pistons and calibration of senders. We are now working closely with Top System, a Ferretti Group brand, much more modern and with the same features, with the possibility of an automatic trimming system, maneuvering with joyestic, etc. If you have a vessel from the Pershing shipyard or another shipyard, such as Mangusta, Leopard, Bahia, Sunseeker, Astondoa and you need service in your propulsion with surface propellers, we will make you a detailed estimate of the necessary work to be carried out. For larger boats, we find jet-type propulsion, from different brands such as Hamilton, Kamewa where we have the knowledge and technical resources to be able to give your boat local service in Barcelona.

Mechanics - Motors - Generators

The YST - Yacht Service Team has great knowledge of mechanics, repair and manufacture of exhaust lines, thermal protection gaskets, release of engines for repairs in the workshop, installation of engines, generators, etc. Together with Geymo (Generadores y Motores S.L.) our partners in mechanics, we offer through their mechanics with great experience in MAN engines - they are MAN Master Service and with Kohler generators, for their sale, installation and periodic maintenance. We have a close relationship with the representatives of other engine brands, MTU, Caterpillar, Volvo Penta, Cummis, Yanmar, Gardner, Iveco, Baudouin as well as with Onan, Fischer Panda, Nothern Lights, Mase generators to be able to manage the necessary revisions. We carry out sea trials with technical services for reports on the status of engines, analysis of oils and liquids. For reducers and gearboxes we work with ZF.

If your boat needs an annual service or requires a mechanical assembly intervention, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can offer you our complete services.



Trim systems - Stabilization systems

YST - Yacht Service Team has an engineering department only for assembly work on trimage equipment on boats and ships, as well as stabilization systems. With trimming equipment we work with the CMC Marine and Zipwake brand for smaller boats. We offer a system made to measure in composite for boats with apopant seat problems in semi-planing and planing navigation that helps to correct this problem, reducing consumption and maintaining speed. For stabilization systems at anchor, low cruises and below planing we are leaders offering the American brand of stabilizers Seakeeper. These latest generation gyroscopic stabilizers are the most advanced on the current market, they are a vacuum encapsulation system of the weight, offering less temperature, friction and wear, liquid cooling avoiding unwanted high temperature problems in the engine room, limited and large consumption performance, achieving 95% roll reductions. For other types of boats and ships, we offer dynamic stabilization systems from the CMC Marine brand, leader in the construction of electric fin systems, 220V and 24V, fast, silent, effective in navigation and anchoring, with an easy control system from government.

Our naval engineering team will offer you the best option for your boat, stabilization studies, homologations and certifications for ships.



Command systems - Dynamic positioning

YST - Yacht Service Team is Xentas' official service and point of sale for its products. Xenta offers engine control equipment with novel functions such as joyestic mooring, use of joyestic as engine and rudder control, remote control for mooring maneuvers and dynamic positioning system. Also, electric assisted steering systems offering a feeling in navigation never seen before. We also work with Geymo for Aventics products for the electronic controls of MAN engines and other installations.


Navigation systems - Electronics on board - Home automation

YST - Yacht Service Team offer through our electrical technicians and specialized in electronics different brands for navigation equipment. Raymarine, Simrad are in the brands that we distribute and we are technical service, offering equipment for simple boats to complete equipment for ships, with professional navigation systems. We offer Flir thermal cameras for night vision and in unfavorable conditions, which we recommend to our clients who do night and high altitude navigation. We offer Wi-Fi equipment, internet and TV equipment and satellite communications tailored for our clients, sound equipment with different zones and applications and we work on home automation systems such as Naviop, Gi8 and made to measure. We also offer automatic and operable elements from a mobile device for the control of the boat, video cameras and tailored notification system.

Do not hesitate to contact our technicians about the many possibilities that we can offer you in this field.

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Gangways - Swimming platforms - Tender lift - Cranes - Hydraulic systems

YST - Yacht Service Team has technicians specialized in hydraulics. We work well with any system, from gangways, cranes, garages, bathing platforms, tender lifts, awnings, deck openings, steering systems, flaps, trims, stabilizers, maneuvering propellers, anchor winches, moorings, etc. Hydraulics is a very important part of the facilities of modern boats and ships, and we allocate a part of our equipment to provide service and maintenance. We work as a technical service and sale of the equipment and products offered by the prestigious Italian brand Amare Group. Our team has experience in catwalks and equipment from Opacmare and Besenzoni, BSC. Contact us to find out what maintenance your equipment needs periodically or to update them.

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Air conditioning systems - Installation - Maintenance - Refrigerators - Freezers

YST - Yacht Service Team has two industrial refrigeration technicians specialized in the nautical sector. We have the ability to offer new groups of the group of brands that includes Dometic, Condaria, Webasto with an exhaustive study of the areas and volumes to be cooled or heated, sizing based on the navigation areas, construction material and roof color to offer the most successful solutions for our clients. All maintenance services, authorized for the recharge of gases in current use, cleaning of refrigeration systems, sanitation and disinfection, etc. We also offer the installation of refrigerators and freezers, revision and maintenance. Forced air cooling, extraction or injection systems in engine rooms, annexes, technical panels, toilets and bathrooms, cabins with little ventilation, etc.

Contact our specialized cold team for the solutions that are available for your boat.

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Electricity 12V - 24V - 220V - 380V - Electronic and control systems

YST - Yacht Service Team has technical specialists in marine electricity. 12V systems, 24V systems, current in 110V - 220v - 380v in single-phase and three-phase installations. We offer solutions in batteries from the acid battery - lead, gel and AGM, lithium together with the appropriate systems of battery chargers, inverter systems, current transformers, etc. Detection of current leaks, and derived problems in the facilities on board or in the marinas themselves. We also work on the different electronic components of boats, monitoring systems, remote control, home automation, etc. We also work on the detection of galvanic currents and offer different solutions to compensate for them and avoid the breakdowns they cause.

Contact our team for more information.

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Water-maker plants - Sewage treatment - Filtering systems

The YST - Yacht Service Team has training as a technical service for the Idromar water treatment plants, having experience in other systems to be able to carry out repairs and maintenance. We offer fuel cleaning and filtering systems, tank cleaning and treatments. Also sewage treatment systems and maintenance and service to sewage collection systems.

Contact us if you need assistance in these fields.

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Fire fighting systems - Life Rafts - Radio beacons - Safety equipment

We offer you the possibility while our YST - Yacht Service Team is working on board your boat, or in our inactivities at the Barcelona Nautic Center dry dock or in another location, we can help you organize the work of revision of the safety equipment on board. From the inspection of fire fighting equipment, manual, fixed, automatic fire extinguishers, detectors, automatic systems, electronic management units, etc., to the revision of life rafts depending on the type of raft available, radio beacon, inflatable vests, service to motor pumps, personal equipment for fire fighting, survival at sea, etc. If you need us to help you organize these services, we are at your disposal.

Contact us to organize the cancellation services of these teams.

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Professional crews - Transport of boats and ships - Loading on ships

The YST - Yacht Service Team is made up of captains with different professional attributes, with degrees of different nationalities and great experience in sailing. We can move our clients' boats and ships to different destinations, deliveries to new owners, sea trials for inspections, transfers to vacation destinations, cargo on ships for transport to other continents or distant destinations, truck loads, etc. We also offer captains, crew, hostesses and cooks for your boat, trustworthy personnel with proven professionalism.

Contact us if you need any service.

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