Marine engineering and Naval Architecture

Marine engineering and Naval Architecture

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Office for the coordination of ship work, coordination of the Ferretti Group after sales in Spain, training, naval engineering.

In YST we have at disposal a technical office of marine engineering and naval architecture composed by highly qualified professionals that offer a wide range of services to our clients.

Structural Analysis (FEM)

Finite element method is a power computational tool to generate approximate solutions to “real world” engineering problems. It is based in the decomposition of a domain to an infinite number of subdomains (elements) where it is assumed approximate functions for each element. This analysis can identify the nodal and element displacement and the stress (ea. Von Mises stress) when it is applied different loads or pressures. Therefore, it is verified the stress capacity (strength) of a structure in relation to the yield strength of the material.

Stability Analysis

This analysis allows to know the behaviour of the vessel in the water. It is based on the interaction between the centre of buoyancy (CB), the centre of gravity (CG) and the Metacentre (M) of the boat. It is essential firstly, to have an accurate weight estimation analysis in order to determinate the CG of the vessel.

Weight Estimation

This analysis is necessary to determinate in an good and most approximate way the centre of gravity; and then, execute an accurate stability analysis.


It is based on the determination of the geometrical dimensions (thickness, sectional modulus) of the structures that compose a boat (plates, longitudinals, stiffeners, bulkheads, girders, etc)

Speed Prediction

The prediction of the boat speed is based on the determination of the engines transmission efficiency to get the real power of the vessel, and consequently, get the maximum and cruise speed.

Construction technical drawings

We offer technical solutions to execute any type of part and component in both interior and exterior to be mounted onboard the boat.

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